Tuesday, December 19, 2006


in designing any home, several basic elements need to be taken into consideration, including how the home will be utilised, its relation to the environment and the architectural styling.
In short, does the human feel good in a particular space? Architects and designer should consider down-to-earth frailties and desires when creating spaces for human habitation. Although they work with different materials and employ different techniques, they still share their only client in common - the human race.


~ GAB ~ said...

We see the way the Japs built their shrines, spiritual point of view aside but, common logic of it that makes you feel good. I cannot recall those places and the names of those shrines but what I know, you'd get some kind of energy from it when you are at the place. Simple logic out of it is the way they blend with nature, complete with plants, water source, positioning of the buildings, landscaping,the architecture of it and even the shapes & types of the materials used.

May be TUN can come up with a sample that would be appreciated internationally one day.

P/S: By the way, we are not in that trade for what Junaidah Jaafar had to offer TUN.

m i n e r a l . . . said...

gab, ia mengingatkan sy pada konsep 6 sense yg selalu sy terapkan dlm dsign waktu study...tp tu kisah waktu study, byk benda kita boleh xplore tp bukan dlm alam perkerjaan yg realiti, dimana demand kekadang mengarut, tp walau bagaimanapun kita tetap mahu berikan yg terbaik, if tgk konsep 'perfectionist' old greek architecture ermm dgn kedudukan geografi greek, mmg seperti dlm cerita hercules...mendamaikan :)

p/s: dgn awek2 greek yg figuranyer cantik hehehehe