Tuesday, May 22, 2007

it's all my fault . . .

Gilbert Arland said, "when an archer misses the mark he turns and look for the fault within himself".

if you are involved in something that goes wrong, never blame others. blame no one but yourself.
if you have touched something, accept total responsibility for that piece of work.
if you accept responsibility, you are in a position to do something about it,

1. it was a terrible brief.
2. i need a better partner.
3. there wasn't enough money to do it properly.
4. the director didn't listen to me.
5. i was too busy on other projects.
6. i wasn't given enough time.
7. the client took out the best ideas.

[ common excuses for failure . . . ]

anonymous : "when i took this job i didn't realize i had to actually work!... hehehehhehe"

p/s: what do you think?


jaketbiru said...

Tun.. u got a point there..
"dont point fingers"

m i n e r a l . . . said...

dlm x sedar kita bole salahkan org lain.. tp bila sedar... alahaiii byk salah diri sendiri sebenarnya... :)
life cam tu la kot kan?.